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Experiments overview

Choose to do something for:

  • micro-experiment: 1 hour
  • mini-experiment: 3-15 hours over 1-3 months
  • project experiment for 1 year.

Notice how you feel before, during and after; collect evidence/data like a scientist as to what you want to do more of or less of.

Mini-experiments are magical! They enabled to accidentally create a paid singing career (from 8 mini-experiment over 18 months).

Whether it’s to figure out your next career move or boost your joy or adventure I recommend them highly.

Here’s an update on my current mini-experiments PLUS some of the mini-experiments my clients are up to:

Nikki – May

(1) Continuing my surfing mini-experiment: 3 times a week.

It gets better and better. Surfing in May in Victoria is beautiful & I’m sticking to the board with more ease.

I’ve gone from thinking, “I’m a wuss and don’t like surfing in cold water”, to “I love surfing in autumn!” I’ve only gotten cold once.

(2) 3 webinars to share how to figure out your next career move.

I felt like a complete beginner during the first one and it was so VERY uncomfortable. I felt anxious before, anxious during… The second was so much more fun and ease-full as I knew what I was doing 🙂 I’ve gone from feeling nervous and unsure about webinars to starting to really enjoy them


(3) I gave a 7 minute presentation at Emerge Conference

I can’t remember the last time I did a short presentation like this one. Public speaking feels like an ongoing mini-experiment as it doesn’t feel like a natural strength. However, I’ve gotten OK at it by practicing.

It got a big “Yes!” tick as I got to positively influence people to re-claim 5 hours in their work week. I had a ball and a connection boost by meeting lots of interesting business owners in start‑up & established businesses.

I also discovered there is ‘gee map’, which is a map of entrepreneurs and support services in Geelong:


My client’s mini-experiments

Sam is looking at adding some more income streams to her life

How the idea of salary negotiation coaching came to be:

Sam told me a fascinating story about how she negotiated pocket money in a hardcore way with her parents as a child. She had a fantastic perspective on and approach to salary negotiation. I asked her to join me on a podcast chat to share the gold!

From that podcast episode another client of mine suggested she coach people on how to negotiate salary, as many of us are terrible at it. Sam thought that it was a good idea. That client actually wanted a session or 3, so she became Sam’s first client.

So, I linked them, they’ve had a session and both of them loved it!

When you combine one of your strengths with a problem that needs to be solved, you have a potential career/income

Congratulations Sam!


Caitlin is considering at a career move in 1 – 2 years

Caitlin’s exploring creative options that include shoe making.

She was wrapped with her mini-experiment and started to analyse, “Do I want to do this fulltime or not?” The answer was not.

I encouraged her to do more than one mini-experiment to test it out.  She wanted to do another short course, so figured, “Why not?!” I also suggested she think more in terms of frequency, i.e. what if she made just 4 pairs of shoes a year? What if this side interest paid for a holiday?

She loved those ideas.


Kate Erlenbusch wants to fine-tune things and always has more ideas then she can implement at any one time

Kate’s a self‑employed writer and teacher. Here’s an extract from her blog post on experiments):

Experiment #1: Rent an office space outside my home

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I work from home. In fact, I launched Word Love while juggling the demands of a pre-schooler and jiggling a 10 month old on my hip. What a blessing it is to work from home!  And, also – what a curse! Over the next 6 months Word Love HQ will be based at Lambert Avenue, Newtown. It may be the best thing ever. It may not. Either way, it’s an opportunity to test my hypothesis.

Timeframe: 6 months

Hypothesis: That I’ll be more productive and feel less isolated working outside the home in my own consulting room.

Experiment #2: Co-create 10 podcast episodes

A while back I decided to do a podcast. Not just because all the cool kids are doing it… but because I love exploring ideas through conversation. Luckily for me, I won’t be doing this by myself. A dear friend of mine with similar interests has joined forces on this. Both of us have more ideas than we can implement. So doing this together means we keep each other accountable. And rather than commit to something indefinitely we decided to experiment. We set the goal to create 10 episodes within a 6-month timeframe. After that, we can decide if we want to continue the series. Stay tuned.

Timeframe: 10 episodes in 6 months

Hypothesis: That our podcasting partnership will fuel creative thinking as well as our friendship.

Experiment #3: Rise at 4am to write my book

If you know me personally, you’re probably laughing out loud right now. And I don’t blame you. I’m not a morning person. But then, I’m not a night person either. Since my deepest insights come through in that space between dreaming and waking I want to capitalise on that magical time. Plus, at 4am I’ll have zero distractions; no little voices nagging ‘mum’ while I lay down words; no competing client work to contend with. The only thing lacking is, like, Actual Discipline. So I’ll conduct this experiment in the shortest possible timeframe to see an effect: two weeks. If after two weeks I’m not impressed by the amount of words I’ve gotten down on this first draft – and if I hate the world more not less – then I’ll let myself off the hook and find another time to schedule for this personal creative project. See how experiments are so much kinder than ‘forever’ commitments?!

Timeframe: 2 weeks.

Hypothesis: That I’ll re-set my body clock to enjoy the freshness of early morning ideas and increase my daily word count.

I think these 3 experiments are enough for now. 2 x 6 month long and 1 x 2 week long experiments will test my theories and help me gain clarity and momentum – I hope!


What mini-experiments have you got planned?

Speak soon,



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