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In this post I cover my 2 top tips to boost your energy heading into Xmas, and also share my recent interview with Lisa York.

Do you find this time of year tough? I do. The obligation factor goes through the roof! Each year Christmas somehow becomes a deadline, no matter how much I dial up my Zen.

I’ve doubled my meditation practice, but still feel stretched and tired. There are more social invitations, more school or extra-curricular activities, and I want to wrap‑up work – Sound familiar? Ironically, when my coach and peers said, “Launch your online program in January!” I thought that was a good idea!

I reckon we could all use a boost of energy to make the last few weeks of the year easier.

So, I’m going to share my top 2 tips to raise your energy:


Tip 1: Review your strengths & fine tune your week

Whenever I feel drained I look at my strengths and give each one a score out of 5 based on how much I’m using it. If your scores are low, consider whether you can change the balance of your activities to dial-up 1 or more of your strengths.

Remember, (though most of you will probably know by now!) that we want to shape our work week to play to our strengths 60–80% of the time.

Generally we want to use our strengths more. So, to be energised by our work we need to dial them into the ‘sweet spot’. Remember, if it feels like a weakness you may be overplaying it.

If you know your strengths then pull them out and rate them. If you want to learn what your strengths are – then jump on over to my free strengths bundle.


Tip 2: Get rid of anything that drains you!

If something is draining can you let it go? Try to get someone else to do it even once, then see how you feel before, during and after. You may feel a bit guilty initially, but is worth persisting with, e.g. I have let go of:

  • many hours of cleaning by hiring a cleaner
  • management of 80% of client bookings by working with Acuity software and my fab assistant Erika
  • bookkeeping headaches by switching to Xero and having a bookkeeper to train and guide me to stress‑free BASS compliance
  • I outsourced presents for my kids teachers by saying yes to an offer of Cassie Calleya from Doterra to buy and wrap up presents for me.

For more inspiration listen to my recent interview with Lisa York, a mum who is determined to help women be their best self and live more guilt free. We cover topics that include:

Your strengths and dream life

  • Why women find easy to identify their weaknesses, yet so difficult to uncover their strengths
  • How Nikki managed to create a dream life, and work that she loves, around her strengths
  • The benefits of understanding our strengths and how we can figure out what our strengths are
  • Whether it’s worthwhile spending our time and energy turning our weaknesses into strengths
  • How we can use our own personal strengths to double our productivity, resilience and creativity.

Why using mini-experiments creates clarity, confidence and momentum

  • The power of ‘mini-experiments’ and how we can use them to help us find the right path
  • How to stop fear and self doubt from holding us back from forging ahead with something new
  • How to break through the barriers that hold us back from creating an optimal life

Job searching

  • Why using your network for finding a job beats job search websites
  • What to do to be more in control of your job search.

Let me know in the comments below which tip you are going to action.

Speak soon,



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