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Me & media

I’m a psychologist and career coach with 16 years’ experience working in career change – helping people to find the jobs they’re passionate about. In previous lives I’ve worked as a musician, event manager and music publicist. I’ve worked in both clinical and organisational psychology settings.

My work has involved helping clients in Australia and internationally across a broad range of sectors from retail, art and performance, to airlines and finance and banking.

I’m a registered psychologist and member of the Psychology Board of Australia and British Psychological Society.

My passions? All things Spanish, and I love surfing.



Interview with Clare Bowditch

Topic: Big Hearted Business Prac-tickle Bomb!

The lovely Clare Bowditch interviewed me for her first BHB PRAC Bomb: inspirational chats that offer a snippet of practical, applicable information to Big Hearted Businesses all over the known universe.

I gave some bite-sized simple, practical advice for anyone who’s ever wondered what to do when they’re not sure what to do next. We also discussed my experience of being part of the BHB community in general. Listen to the interview.


Interview with Sugandha Chapman

Topic: How to play to your strengths and double your mojo, energy and positive influence.

Sug interviewed me as part of her series of “Inspiring women who light the way, helping you to live your best life.” We talked about strengths and how they are central to your ability to realise your dream life, best fit role. Listen to the interview.


Interview with Lisa Corduff

Topic: Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work and what to do instead

I spoke with Lisa Corduff, creator of Small Steps to Whole foods, about why New Year’s resolutions don’t work and what to do instead. It’s a formula I’ve been using with great success.


Interview with Yvonne Hilsz, Business and money breakthrough coach

Topic: Take the fear out of changing careers by creating financial security

In this webinar with Yvonne and I discussed 3 steps to feeling great about your finances and how to value yourself when it comes to negotiating your salary. Watch the webinar.


Interview/podcast with Karly Nimmo, Karlosophies: stories behind success

Topic: (Episode 8) Mini-experiments and playing to your strengths

Karly and I discuss why mini-experiments work when trying to figure out what on earth you are going to do next work wise. I share what has worked for me over 3 career changes and to love what I do. Watch the interview.


Article: Insight Coach Magazine

Topic: Building your tribe of cheerleaders

Behind every successful entrepreneur, coach, or business owner is a tribe of enthusiastic cheerleaders. I share my top tips for how to build your own tribe.


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